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Congratulations to Ken for getting a Max Cape! Now go get that Comp Cape!


 Best EoC pure

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PostSubject: Best EoC pure   Best EoC pure I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 28, 2013 8:37 pm

No seriously, this is *the* best EoC pure you can make.

I call it:

the turmvoidmauler. It has a minimum and maximum combat level of 104.

You see, to complete the quest Temple at sennitsen (to access turmoil), you need to have to complete the quest Curse of Arrav, which requires 28 defence (as a reward from what lies below and DoV), 50 prayer, 50 magic, 64 str and 64 range.

but you can boost the str and range requirements, essentially allowing you to complete the quest with the following stats:


Now what? Simple: Tran your pure to have the following stats:

60 attack
60 str
60 range
60 mage
42 def
86+ prayer (investments...)

So yea, youll end up with a level 104 account (people your level will often have addy/rune weapons and gear) with the following:
- The obby maul + zerker neck combo, which is equal to a godsword in terms of damage
- Void knight armor (non-elite), which gives a +15% damage boost
- Turmoil/SS/L-A (enjoy wrecking people with this)
- Divine Storm (basically Air Surge at a lower level)
- Dark Bow (Can hit up to 4k on autoattacks, and gives +1k hp boost without def)
- 60 Summoning (charm sprites recommended for this), access to the terrorbird

Best EoC pure Tumblr_mbnpg5LN7A1r6h7wh

So in the end, your DPS will be the same as those 99-1 builds, at the same level, but you will have access to approx 8k HP @ 99 consitution, while those pures will have about 4k.

Worth it?


EDIT: Most of you might think level 60 attack with a level 60 weapon has terribad accuracy, but face it, no one these days at level 104 has over 55 defence anyways, lets not forget the huge accuracy bonus granted by void n' turmoil Wink

EDIT2: You can overload your offence to 77 and your defence to 59. Great for using massacre/resonance/reflect/preparation/metamorph/debilitate/rejuvinate/immortality/hurricane
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Best EoC pure
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