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 From a vet...this is 2008 all over again (RS2 VS RS3)

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PostSubject: From a vet...this is 2008 all over again (RS2 VS RS3)   Sun Jul 28, 2013 7:39 pm

1. Introduce something that kills the PKing community:
2008: Removal of Wildy (Its in 2007 but you get the idea)
2013: EoC (Didnt remove PvP but you get the idea)

Result: Negativity towards the game is at an all-time high. However, non-pvpers enjoy the update.

2. Introduce something that kills goldfamers.
2008: Free trade removal
2013: Botwatch/Optimus/Botnuke

Result: Paradise for people who depend on skilling for income, but haters increase their presence by stating that playercount is so low, game is dead, etc.

3. Add new Graphics
2008: RSHD
2013: RS3/HTML5

Result: Game is improved and is more competitive against other MMOs, but some players complain about nostalgia.

4. Add a new skill
2008: Summoning
2013: Divination

Result: Keeps high level players hooked in the game, helps to ease older players coming back, giving them reason to play. Haters complain skill is too different, etc.

(fast forward a bit)

5. Do some major fixes to PvP, bring back the PvP community
2009: PvP worlds/BH worlds
2013: ??? (Possible EoC and Wild revamps)

Result: PvP community retuns, player count increase, economy gets better, but then pvp community complains the game isn't how it used to be.

6. Add another skill
2010: DG
2014: ???

Result: More reasons to play, but community shifts to EXP waste mentality.

7. Do something desperate to revive the old game, to please the "nostalgia" folks.
2011: Return of Old Wildy
2013: OSRS
2015: 2011 server??

Result: The old players come back, then realise why they quit RS in the first place.

8. Jagex tries something completely new, which eradicates the PvP community once more. Return to step 1. Rinse and repeat.

And then we end up with this:

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PostSubject: Re: From a vet...this is 2008 all over again (RS2 VS RS3)   Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:09 pm

Actually, the removal of Wilderness PKing was to stop the transfer of items via PKing upon death. If they just removed Free Trade, then you could take 50M or whatever, go into the Wilderness, die, and transfer wealth that way. You could say that you could just make it so GP is lost on death, but then that wealth could be transferred via items instead of GP. Well, if you can only bring PvP-related stuff into the Wilderness (aside from ruining Wilderness Clue Scrolls), then wealth could be transferred via PvP-related gear. If you can only bring in a certain amount of items, then you're basically putting a cap on the reward of PKing.

"If you can't explain it simply you don't understand it well enough."
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From a vet...this is 2008 all over again (RS2 VS RS3)
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