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Congratulations to Ken for getting a Max Cape! Now go get that Comp Cape!


 Tears of Joy

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PostSubject: Tears of Joy   Tears of Joy I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 25, 2013 4:38 pm

A spoiler:

Tears of Joy Untitl10

Okay, we all know that bots got the proverbial ban not so long ago, so im just posting some profit rates for skills. Tested by yours truly and some of my friends.

Hunting swamp lizards: 400k-2m/hour
RCing Blood runes: 800k-1m/hour
RCing nature runes(double): 800k-1.1m/hour
Hunting implings magpie and up: 200k-4m/hour (luck based, better with a spotter)
Fishing Monks/Shark/Rocktail: 200-600k/hour (VERY AFK)
Chopping Magics = 100-500k/hour
Plank Make = 400-600k/hour
Brutal Green Dragons (with t75 weapon, tokkul-zo, games): 1.5m-3m/hour
Blue Dragon (t75, zo, 70 agil): 2.1m/hour
Red dragon (t75, zo, brimhaven): 800k-1.2m/hour
Black Dragon (t75,zo): 2m-3m/hour
Exiled Kalphite marauders/guardians: 1-2m/hour w/99 smithing, t80 weapon
High Alch: 100k-1m/hour (spamclick)
Crafting orbs = 800k-1.2m/hour
Wine of Zamorak (telegrab) = 500k/hour
Killing chickens: 200k/hour (great for noobs)
Selling DG floors: Varies, can get up to 20m/hour if super lucky/efficient
Shop runs: up to 750k cash daily (takes 15 minutes)
Mahogany logs: 200-400k/hour
Killing unicorns (rell lodestone): up to 600k/hour
Pickpocketing high level farm seeds: up to 1m/hour
Warped tortoises: 800k-2m/hour
Hunting pawyas: 400k-3m/hour depending on level/efficiency
Superheat rune bar: 700k/hour
Superheat mithril bar: 450k/hour
Superheat steel bar: 250k/hour
Making arrow shafts: 100k-200k/hour
Making urns: 100k-400k/hour
Collecting batwing: 150-250k/hour
Mining gold/coal (lrc): 400k/hour (AFK)
Mining runite: 300k-1m/hour
Papaya Trees (collect fruit): 100k every 45 minutes, 5 minute run
Coconut Trees (collect fruit): 200k every 45 minutes, 5 minute run

+ Add some herb runs to make roughly an extra 150k every 1,5 hour...
+ Low level pvm items going up, like Godswords, Ascension Keys, D2h, Dpick, Ganodermic, DK drops....

Nex gear is crashing.
Rares are crashing.
Skills get more profitable every day.

Theres no excuse for being poor anymore. No need to do high level bosses as the only reliable source of income.

If i hear "skills arent profitable" and "EoC/rs3 economy is terrible" one more time im gonna destroy a small kitten.
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Dismal Dream
Dismal Dream

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PostSubject: Re: Tears of Joy   Tears of Joy I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 25, 2013 6:25 pm

SOOOO glad I got my 95 prayer out of the way 1 1/2 months ago Very Happy This is all great except the nex gears crashing part Sad

Dismal Dream <3 ranged

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PostSubject: Re: Tears of Joy   Tears of Joy I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 25, 2013 6:41 pm

Amazing... never thought I'd use dragon killing for money again.

Leadership is not about strength, nor glory, nor honor. Leadership is about understanding the people you lead, and serving their wills as much as possible, while remaining just, and protecting them. A leader, no matter how great or strong, is nothing without his people.
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PostSubject: Re: Tears of Joy   Tears of Joy I_icon_minitime

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Tears of Joy
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