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 Ascension Crossbow

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PostSubject: Ascension Crossbow   Ascension Crossbow I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 01, 2013 11:59 am

Finally finished my Ascension Crossbow.

Below is a picture of all my loot, the killcount, and the cost for each signet.

Total Cost - 205M  (going for around 280m-290m atm)

12 Primus - 9.6m
2 Secundus - 1m
90 Tertius - 45m
117 Quartus - 58.5m
101 Quintus - 58.5m
15 Sextus - 10.8m
Dragon Crossbow - 22m

16.4m in loot

About 189m for my crossbow if I consider how much I made with loot.

Ascension Crossbow Wf5v

(both keys are 700k-800k [Primus and Sextus])

Also, here is my tactic on fighting the Legiones:

(chickens = lightning)

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Ascension Crossbow ESkgf
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Ascension Crossbow
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