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 Old World Blues Scientists from Fallout New Vegas spoof thread

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Courier Six

Courier Six

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PostSubject: Old World Blues Scientists from Fallout New Vegas spoof thread   Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:48 pm

Hello, my clan mates. I got bored so decided to make a place for us to goof off as the 6 scientists from Old World Blues on Fallout New Vegas. To give you some background info so you're not totally lost, I will summarize them.

General: The scientists are the lead researchers from the Think Tank of Big MT (mountain).  They all saw themselves as too intelligent to die of petty old age, so they preserved their brains in biogel tanks and installed those tanks in flying robots that let them continue their research.  They have all but forgotten what it is like to be human, and often call fingers and toes penises.

Doctor Klein: The lead researcher of logistical operations and ideology, has a very eccentric and commanding personality. Speaks in all caps due to Doctor 8 messing with his volume meter.  Very overconfident, as he has almost no grasp of the technologies the others deal in, yet acts like he knows it all.

Doctor Borous: The lead researcher in animal biology, loves to experiment with animals to see how the can preserve their DNA and create new animals.  Fed his pet dog Gabe Psycho-laced dog chow to see what happened.  Very confident and points out the keywords in a sentence by entering them in all caps.

Doctor Zero: The lead researcher in robotics.  Very sarcastic character who makes many attempts at comedy.

Doctor Dala: The lead researcher in mineralogy and human biology.  Shows much more emotion than the others and is obsessed with observing humans do simple things, and teddy bears.  Only female doctor.

Doctor 8: Lead researcher in sound.  Speaks in strings of RobCo terminal code due to a damaged voice module.  Though presumably he wasn't very good at talking before due to him having many copies of 'Meeting People' with scribbles on them and the other doctors saying they prefer him when he can't talk.

Doctor Mobius: The main enemy of the Think Tank, used to be one of them before he realized how immoral and destructive their experiments were.  Built the radar fence around Big MT to prevent them from escaping to the Mojave and destroying it in the name of science.  Also tries to scare them into staying inside the main dome of Big MT for fear of his RoboScorpion army, who they believe can devour intelligence.  Also severely addicted to Mentats and Psycho.  Often mistakes the words Reason, Quite, and Desert for Raisin, Quiet, and Dessert, respectively.

List of who's who:

Klein: no one as of yet.

Zero: no one as of yet.

Borous: no one as of yet.

Dala: no one as of yet.

8: no one as of yet.

Mobius: Courier Six.

If you want to switch characters just tell me.

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PostSubject: Re: Old World Blues Scientists from Fallout New Vegas spoof thread   Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:02 pm

Why treat argument as a bad thing?

The proper response: "you are wrong and here is why..."

The wrong response: "you are wrong"

The usual internet response: "you are wrong and stupid your mom is a bitch you are dumb as shit no one will ever love you LOLOLOLOL"

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Old World Blues Scientists from Fallout New Vegas spoof thread
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